Rancho Tehama Home

Rancho Tehama, originally developed by Tehama Ranchos, Inc., is in beautiful rolling hills at the foot of the Yollabolly Mountains in the unincorporated area of Tehama County (approximately 20 miles southwest of Red Bluff and approximately 17 miles northwest of Corning). It is a Planned Unit Development of slightly over 2000 1 acre lots. The Rancho Tehama Association manages and maintains the common area, common area improvements, amenities and common facilities in accordance with the development's CC Rs and the association's Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. As of mid 2005, the Developer still has title to approximately 7 percent of the lots, about 600 households reside on site, and approximately 1100 members are absentee owners.

There is a current Public Report on file with the California Department of Real Estate. The public report must be given to prospective buyers by the developer on the original sale of any lot in the subdivision.

The non-residential zones boast 3 grocery stores, several real estate offices, 1 gas station, 1 restaurant, 1 construction business, 3 churches and a K-5 elementary school, recreation hall, ball field, snack bar, fire-house, post office, public shower and toilet facilities, a laundromat, and 2 parks. It is experiencing a current economic upswing with 149 new homes and stores in construction.



RANCHOTEHAMA.COM is a privately-owned internet site designed and operated entirely for the benefit of the more than 1600 member/owners of real property in Rancho Tehama, (a Planned Unit Development located in Tehama County, California) and the Rancho Tehama Association. It is also intended to benefit all residents of the complex, as well. Please address all questions and comments to RTRWeb@cs.com.